The ultimate snake game

A souped-up snake web game I developed entirely in HTML, CSS, and pure JavaScript. It tracks the user’s high score and stats, features a shop where the user can spend the fruits they’ve accumulated, and offers three speed levels for the user to unlock. The logo and sprites are all original artwork. Snaclops is dangerously addictive and free to play online!

Air Hockey

Man vs. machine

An eerily realistic single-player air hockey simulator in your browser! The game runs entirely in an HTML5 canvas with pure JavaScript. It was my first foray into creating an intelligent “computer player” that acts similarly to a real human. While it may not pass the air hockey Turing test, it feels pretty natural and it’s certainly fun to play against. Try it out online for free!

Penguin Time

Would you look at the clock?

A classic platformer game I built in C++ and openFrameworks. It follows an estranged penguin’s journey to escape the desert. With 10 levels of increasing difficulty, a physics system built from scratch, and fully original sprites and animations, Penguin Time was an absolute blast to create. The game requires openFrameworks to download and play, but its code is open source on GitHub.

So meta, right?

I developed this website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the fantastic static site framework Jekyll. It’s hosted on GitHub Pages, and all the source code is available on GitHub.