Immensely hyped to bring you today’s puzzle, a demi themeless collab with Brooke Husic! For those of you unfamiliar with the “demi themeless” genre, just think crosswords, but themeless, but smaller. The whole process of making this puzzle with Brooke was nothing but good vibes. And if you’re not already solving Brooke’s demi themelesses (and her puzzles in general), I don’t know what you’re doing.

Brooke says: “There are a few constructors who, when they drop a puzzle, I stop whatever I’m doing to solve it, and Adam is solidly in that group. Co-constructing with him is truly my privilege because his standards are so high, it makes me a better constructor! How am I ever gonna follow fill like 1A and clues like 11D and 18D? Don’t answer that.”

Big thanks to Will Nediger and Ada Nicolle for test solving! Enjoy the puz! 😎