12 min read

What's the Name of This University?

Amid the cornfields of central eastern Illinois lies a public land-grant research university. What’s it called? For most universities, this question is simple, but in this case, its answer has perplexed students, alumni, and Wikipedia editors for decades.

4 min read

New Year Zone

This Christmas Eve, my mom asked me, “hey, are you gonna do that New Year site this year?” I hadn’t thought about it in almost a year, but last New Year’s Eve my dad and I had talked about making some kind of site that celebrates the New Year around the world.

4 min read

Full Moon Albums

In February 2020, after my first New York Times crossword got published, I used my earnings to treat myself to a pair of AirPods Pro. Little did I know, this would become one of the most valuable purchases I’d ever made.

9 min read

Animals to Play H‑O‑R‑S‑E With

H-O-R-S-E (pronounced “horse”) is a basketball minigame you play when you don’t feel like playing a real game but you have a basketball and a hoop and a friend.

15 min read

Twenty Questions

Let’s play a game. I’m thinking of a number from 1 to 100. You guess, and I tell you whether my number is higher or lower.

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